How to check syntax of parameters in parameter files without logging to GGSCI prompt ? Version :GoldenGate 12.2 new feature Utility Name:checkprm Location:GoldenGate Home You are working on GoldenGate environment and want to build and test the parameter files like 1.Manager parameter file 2.Extract parameter file 3.Datapump parameter file 4.Replicat parameter file So one way to do this is to do edit <Parameter file Name> and save and test it. If there is any typo you get error and then once again you need to go back to edit <Parameter file Name> and that also in GGSCI prompt . Its cumbersome and time consuming , Oracle Goldengate 12.2 onward it come up with an utility called checkprm Which you can run as below and check if everything in parameter files are syntactically correct or not [oracle@ggate1 ogg_trg]$ ./checkprm ./dirprm/mgr.prm -C mgr -v Parameter file validation context: component(s): MGR mode(s)     : N/A platform(s) : Linux database(s) : Oracle 12c ./di

Configuring GGSCI Command Security CMDSEC in GoldenGate 19c classic

Configuring GGSCI Command Security CMDSEC You can establish command security for Oracle GoldenGate to control which users have access to which Oracle GoldenGate command line functions. For example, you can allow certain users to issue INFO and STATUS commands, while preventing their use of START and STOP commands. Security levels are defined by the operating system's user groups. To implement security for Oracle GoldenGate commands, you create a CMDSEC file in the Oracle GoldenGate directory. Without this file, access to all Oracle GoldenGate commands is granted to all users. As GoldenGate administrator you have team of GoldenGate users who has different levels of skill sets and responsibilities ,how do you manage these Users with correct responsibilities is in GoldenGate classic 19c ? CMDSEC (Command line GGSCI Security) For e.g. A person with monitoring responsibility should not able to use START and STOP commands But the same person should able to use INFO an

Steps to enable Monitoring in Classic 19c GoldenGate

Steps to enable Monitoring in Classic 19c GoldenGate  Performance Metric server short form is PMSRVR  Performance Metric Server is available in GoldenGate classic from version 12c(12.1.3.x) . Before this version we need to write our own shell scripts to monitor if GoldenGate process are running or in ABEND mode . With Classic architecture and MicroServices Architecture in 12c on wards Oracle has done great job of monitoring the GoldenGate with help of PMSRVR utility . By default it is available in Microservices installation There are different tools available for Monitoring the GoldenGate 1.Oracle Enterprise Manager plugg-in with Monitor Agent 2.Performance Metric Server What is the use of PMSRVR ? You can monitor it from Browser this means you don't need to login to GoldenGate server and check it  GUI based tool  Based on Berkeley DB which is a embedded key-value database libraries providing scalable high-performance data management services to applications.